Welcome, Andrew!

Our newest addition to the SPACEcrew, Andrew Stith.
Our newest addition to the SPACEcrew, Andrew Stith.

Okay, we have a thing for Wildcats. First Tom, then Paul, and now Andrew Stith, the newest addition to the SPACE crew. Initially referred to as Neil’s doppelganger (they MUST have the same personal shopper), Andrew has already proven to be an enthusiastic team player in his role as Architectural Designer.

Tom met Andrew through his AIA-St. Louis mentoring group. Another Kansas State graduate, Andrew earned his Master’s Degree in Architecture last May. He’s a talented designer, and he’s already doing great work on one of our large corporate projects under the tutelage of Elizabeth Kohl. Here’s a little bit about Andrew in his own words:

I grew up in the St. Louis area. I love to design and explore new things. I have many interests, including German folk dancing (Let’s Polka!), softball and St. Louis sports. Also, I don’t mind manual labor every now and then.

Last concert attended: Imagine Dragons. It was pretty awesome.
Inspired by: The people around me.
Unbreakable habit: Staying up too late watching TV.
Favorite superhero: Batman
Favorite architect: Rem Koolhaas
Something unusual about me: I am a former “Best Bagger” for Dierbergs. I have the trophies to prove it.


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