Happy New Year from SPACE!

Just like everyone else, we’re reflecting back on 2014, a year that has blown by. Instead of boring you with a 35,236-page dissertation on the firm’s obligatory ups and downs, take a gander at our year-end review/holiday card that shows off our most memorable ups. Thank you all for another extraordinary year, and, may your […]

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The Body in Bloom: Nicole Cooper

The human body is a beautiful, biological machine, and one that we often take for granted. Nicole Cooper’s paintings deftly balance the body’s beauty and a celebration of the latent transformative power each contains. Come by SPACE this Friday evening to view “The Body in Bloom” at the opening reception. Nicole has used her figural painting background to […]

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Before/After: Whitebox Eatery

Not many architects get to work on the same space twice. Back in 2007, we designed Stratton’s Cafe at the Plaza in Clayton. Seven years later, Brendan Marsden of Modesto Tapas Bar & Restaurant leased the space to open his new concept for a daytime restaurant serving breakfast, brunch and lunch, called Whitebox Eatery. Borrowed from the construction industry, […]

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