Happy New Year from SPACE!

Just like everyone else, we’re reflecting back on 2014, a year that has blown by. Instead of boring you with a 35,236-page dissertation on the firm’s obligatory ups and downs, take a gander at our year-end review/holiday card that shows off our most memorable ups. Thank you all for another extraordinary year, and, may your […]

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The barflies at Three Flags Tavern

Talk about barflies. Some people just won’t leave, will they? John and Cathy O’Brien at Three Flags Tavern have some permanent residents on their walls, and we thought we’d introduce you to them for Throwback Thursday. So we’re throwing it way way back, two hundred and ten years, to be exact. Diners and food critics alike […]

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Good advice from Ira Glass

It’s going to take awhile. It’s normal for it to take awhile, and you have to fight your way through that. We stumbled across this video over the weekend, and we can’t recommend it enough. This will give a boost of confidence to young design professionals, but it’s also welcome advice for seasoned designers who […]

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