Join us for Eggs in SPACE!

Did you get to do an egg drop when you were in grade school? WE DIDN’T EITHER. That’s our flimsy pretext for hosting an old-fashioned egg drop during St. Louis Design Week. We (and by “we,” I mean SPACE’s staff and you, dear reader) are going to have a blast, and sweet cherub-faced children are going […]

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The barflies at Three Flags Tavern

Talk about barflies. Some people just won’t leave, will they? John and Cathy O’Brien at Three Flags Tavern have some permanent residents on their walls, and we thought we’d introduce you to them for Throwback Thursday. So we’re throwing it way way back, two hundred and ten years, to be exact. Diners and food critics alike […]

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Howdy, Hannah!

We’re always looking for ways to offer our clients a more robust range of services, so it made sense for us to bring a graphic designer on board. SPACE needed someone to lend a hand on the graphic details of some of our jobs, and we wanted to give our client presentations a more polished […]

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